visit of new belgium brewery 2014

New Belgium brewery

Fort Collins, Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing, maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale and a wide variety of award-winning beers, is the third-largest craft brewer in the country. Recent buildings are made of wood, painted in red, white, or brown. Mix of old and modern style, the brewery leaves no one indifferent.

Co-Founder, Kim Jordan, a former social worker and now CEO of New Belgium, has made social responsibility an important part of the brewery’s mission. Inspired by a bike trip through Belgium, New Belgium first began operations in 1991, with the vision of making world-class beers while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Welcomed by a 10 years old skilled employee – Katie – the visit began by a tasting ofsome local beers : lots of choices and flavours amber, lager, dark, and more or less biter and fruity.

Direction the backroom to see the secret of manufacturing and the machines used to brew beers. The brewery supplies many states in USA, so it takes large amounts of raw materials, huge plant at the forefront of the technology. New Belgium currently produces nine year-round beers: Fat Tire Amber Ale; Ranger India Pale Ale; Rampant Imperial IPA; Sunshine Wheat; Blue Paddle Pilsener; 1554 Black Ale; Abbey Belgian Style Ale (a dubbel); Trippel and Shift Pale Lager. A seasonal release program of beers further contributes to a creative and dynamic portfolio. New Belgium Brewing also explore esoteric styles through its Lips of Faith Program, producing beers like La Folie, a sour brown ale aged up to three years in French Oak.


Following the visit takes place in the bottling plant. A huge hall with mechanical process well established that save energy and unnecessary tasks. The environment is one of the priority of New Belgium brewery policy. Energy from clean technologies, recycling, participation to FortZED, purchase of local products to reduce carbon footprint, and efficiency are put in place to save the environment.

In short a very usefull day!

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