Denver and the Colorado State Capitol


The City and county of Denver is the capital and biggest city of the Colorado State. Located in the Center West of the United States, Denver is less than 20 km away from the foothill of the Rocky Mountains.

Denver is also called the Mile High city because it is almost exactly 1 mile above sea level.
We discovered the richness and diversity of this city through the different areas we visited. The character of the neighborhood can largely vary as we can notice the contrast between large skyscrapers in Downtown Denver and smaller buildings and houses mostly made of brick.

colorado 1

The most amazing part of the trip though was the visit to Rocky Mountains at the top of which we could enjoy the magnificent view from the snowy mountains.

But let’s not forget to mention Red Rocks where we unfortunately did not spend much time but could not miss to admire the red mountains with their beautiful shapes.

The contrast between the Rocky Mountains covered in snow at the background, the skyscrapers in downtown Denver, the brick houses and buildings and the green spaces all over the place make Denver a charming city.

colorado 2colorado 3

Colorado State Capitol

The state capitol offers free historical tours of the site.

Our historical tour started on the first floor and consisted of early Colorado history. Capitol construction, several stained glass windows, Women’s Gold Tapestry, Presidential portraits, and a stop outside the Senate and House of Representatives chambers then appear successively.

This more introductory part was composed of several highpoints:

Wall wide painting represented the different uses of water supplies and the water management policies (captions) throughout the history of the Colorado state.

  • The capitol’s construction stages needed important quantities of Colorado Rose Onyx , a rare rose marble from a quarry near Beulah, Colorado. The amount used in the building consumed the entire known supply.

This anecdote consequently lead to that the abundant use of marble imported from Italy… which explains the slightly different color of the marble, when you move on the higher floors.

  • Paintings and marble were then followed by portraits of the presidents of the United States of America.

Moving on to the next floors of the State Capitol, we came about the offices of the Colorado governor and the office of his collaborators…apparently, they work in an open space.

That floor also has a large hall decorated with the portraits of past and present state governors and lieutenant governors.The woman gold tapestry is dedicated solely to the woman population and their impact on the Colorado state throughout the years. The senate and the House of Representatives is, very much like France’s assembly, split into surfaces with representatives of the same political convictions. Every time a decision has to be made, screens on either sides of the conference desk.

Of course, no debate was ongoing during our visit.

Throughout the entire visit, we could see stained glass windows representing famous people who contributed to the state one way or another (care givers, hospital or other institutions’ founders, donaters who gave land or important amounts of money to the state or charity causes, etc…)

colorado 5 colorado 7

colorado 6

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