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I’m really curious and a science fanatic, I studied a lot of different fields in my school career. However, I chose the school ENSE3 for my engineering formation because I believe that energetic and environmental problems are the keys of our future. I studied the production and the supply of electricity. I have technical knowledge of electricity network, electrotechnical components (power transformer, alternator…) or technical-economic studies. During my formation, I saw the importance of economy in the energy field and I wanted to understand how actors of energy work together that why I chose to do this master. I have several extracurricular activities, I’m a violinist, I learned it in an academy during 15 years. I like sport too, I play rugby and I was the treasurer of Rugbycube (rugby association of ENSE3) and I began the French boxe (savate) last year. I often work in team, indeed for 6 years I have worked for entertainment companies.

Extraction des Gaz de Schiste : fracturation sans eau, rêve ou réalité ?

Le 13 novembre 2012, le président de la république française François Hollande lors de sa conférence de presse a relancé le débat sur les Gaz de Schiste. Ouvrant la porte à la recherche et à de nouvelles techniques d’extraction, il … Lire la suite

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SAP : Future Energy Center

Authors : Deotto Gilles, Lavergne Loïc On Friday 19th Oct., we have been welcomed by Mr Terhalle, Senior Researcher at SAP Research Karlsruhe. Among other partners like EnBW and HP, SAP is working on finding the best options to achieve … Lire la suite

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